To make waves

To make waves To put a foot and to return to nominative.

Nominative the main rack.

To make waves the right left foot back with simultaneous assignment of hands up back.

To return to nominative.

Nominative the main rack, feet together, a jump rope behind.

To make jumps on two feet, rotating a jump rope forward.

Then the same, rotating the ska Kalka back.

To pass to walking.

COMPLEX Walking.

Easy jogging on tiptoe.

Walking usual with free, rhythmical, wide movements of hands.

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But than

But than PRD annually strikes women and their children in Britain therefore our debt to study and understand it get sick vaniye and its consequences.

The association of a postnatal depression gives clear advice: Not forget that this illness always terminates full vyzdo rovleniye.

But than more long she remains unattended, that roofing felt she it can proceed and from that will suffer more strongly and mother, and child.

Three quarters of the suffering PRD do not address for me ditsinsky help.

Perhaps, it is partly caused obshchestven ny pressure which demands from mothers to see everything in Roseau vy light, and partly general lack of information on this illness and its symptoms.

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Naturally, wise

Naturally, wise Mentally to develop in the optimum mode, three specific things from reasonably arriving adults are required for the child: love calm; love hardness; love encouragement.

Naturally, wise parents always knew about it.

New that showed us a nuclear magnetic resonance it that all these components actually promote development of different sites of a brain like watering of plants, they in due time force to blossom and develop the areas connected with nervous system.

Help my world!

So, how the child becomes emotionally competent, quiet, happy and strong?

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Violation The main sound pronunciation causes of infringement: violation of mobility of speech bodies; violation of speech hearing; short bridle of language.

These adverse features are independent defects and forcibly form at the child violation zvuko pronunciations.

violation of the general mobility of the child; violation of a speech exhalation; violation of a voice.

These features in itself are not painful proyavle niya but only contribute the child to emergence and zakrep laziness of pronunciation shortcomings at it.

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Than more

Than more It is possible popro to sit the teacher to help to contact other parents in yours area.

Equal road Adriyenna Katts, author of the book How to Teach the Child to Read This one of the most important events in the child's life.

Than more positive it the first impression about school, than more surely your child that he will consult, that will be simpler to him in all next school days.

Than more joyful you will make this transition, that less problems will arise in a distance neyshy.

Trifles are important: what footwear you will pick up on laces or on flypapers, what trousers whether it is convenient to remove them in tualete That the child grew the happy etc.

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