In the same

In the same For improvement sound pronunciations a tip of language it is necessary to lean closer to to the top cutters at their basis, than usually.

In the same way it is necessary to work at a high nb.

If the child has no top molars and they long not vyra will melt, it is possible to put a temporary pronunciation of a sound sh.

At it the tip of language will touch a back surface of al viols the sound can sometimes turn out and when a language tip leans against a top of alveoluses.

A sound sh it will be excessive zhes tky.

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There is such

There is such Many other parts of a brain with such exotic names as orbitofrontalny bark, gippokamp sea horse and a zone crinkle furrow develop under the influence of the positive the emotions born from positive experience.

There is such concept as a happy brain which is programmed on perception of all good.

And, naturally, there is also an opposite concept a sad brain.

Schasti the left brain more dense, is perceived by it much more impulses.

The more contacts, the cogitative force and the more abilities to happy life is stronger.

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It stops

It stops The young male tutor is occupied by other children.

It seems, it simply does not have business to it.

But there is something: the boy, one more single, moves along a fence, conducting a stick on metal rods.

It stops when approaches the girl, an obstacle in a way.

They look at each other.

I do not know, whether they because I am from them rather far talk.

I would like that they communicated a little.

But, unfortunately, it was not.

The boy solves a problem as if the girl here and is not present: carries out a stick on her waist and moves further.

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If you are interested

If you are interested Perhaps, it will want to you to share the with the author impress niya concerning this book.

The author it will be extraordinary to a priznatela!

to you for similar responses.

If you are interested in any speech problem, which not races it smatrivatsya in this book, or you want to receive detailed India vidualny recommendations about an occasion of occupations with the child, you can to address to the author for written consultation.

At children of the most different age the various are often observed speech violations.

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Put on a table

Put on a table or Where the big?


It is necessary to find out, whether the child understands value of verbs, about znachayushchy simple actions or the provision of a subject in prostran stvo.

Put on a table twothree pictures representing on the example, the person who goes, runs, sits, lies, or, on the example, a bird who sits, flies.

Various actions, represented on pictures of one series, have to be carried out same character boy, birdie etc.


Spra to shivayta at the child: Where the boy goes sits, lies?

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  • I think, you should
  • I told it: Not now. It is very
  • But than
  • Many parents
  • If not I, who? Well, it was stubborn
  • Eventually, such
  • That you on to this
  • It stops
  • And the depression
  • I think, we are frightened