Many parents

Many parents The phrase from one word.

Many parents spoke to us as it is strong they tse nit this skill.

They considered that it saves time, breath also relieves them of boring explanations.

Teenagers with whom we worked, said that they too prefer one word Door, Dog or Ware also deem it accepted release from usual lecture.

As we see, the value of such statement for it klyuchatsya in that fact that instead of the despotic the order we give to the child the chance to show the own initiative and comprehension.

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And the depression

And the depression Later, having made toilet, it pacified, quiet, executed love and a nezhnoksta, came back again to the family, the spouse.

And the depression as a problem of people, was not known for hundreds of thousands of years we will not find a mention of a depression in ancient sources.

We have no this culture, from the point of view of emotions we are rather netsikvilizovanny people because we have a false kontsepktion of that emotions have to be suppressed.

And we suppress them until they are not shown, anywhere.

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It is one factor. The second

It is one factor. The second We cannot impose them our values because children came from much more developed spheres of the Universe.

It is one factor.

The second factor that owing to the sensitivity children now are more inclined to resistance and opposition if they feel that their basic needs are not satisfied.

That is, if parents do not even try owing to the egoism or any own expectations from the child, to be adjusted on his real nature, and simply perceive him as would like to perceive themselves in a body of the chetyrnadtsaktiletny child, there will be conflicts.

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Be one step

Be one step In fact you help the child to define word meanings.

EU whether such speech change happens, if the adult govo rit with the child the same as with other adults or with children is more senior, there can be great difficulties.

In such to a sl tea it is very difficult to children to understand that we speak.

Be one step away ahead.

In the majority of areas of development ro ditel can effectively help children, falling to level their abilities.

But with the speech all differently.

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That the child

That the child That the child grew the happy It is necessary for the child that he was perceived as unikal the ny personality, but not as give rise to reflection of desires and aspirations tel.

The relations with the child, perhaps, are edinstven ache opportunity unconditionally to love, but whether you know on the business whom love?

Let's say you looked forward, that your child, as well as you, will be fond of sport, and it, on the contrary took a dislike to it.

You can expect from it stunning an ak demichesky progress, and it is simply not inclined to it.

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