+ Find vowels

+ Find vowels + Esteem.

+ Read and also print.

SOUND AND LETTER P + Lead round on a contour blue a karand shy.

Shade a letter on a sample.

+ Print out.

Count , how many sounds: an, unitary enterprise, on, py, map, mop.


Read and print also.

Miss words.

To find P: pies, drugstore, Pasha, field, bubbles.

+ Find vowels in a sound row, which were always painted over kras in the ny color.

Lead round them.

+ Say in front of the mirror M, the Item.

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They arranged

They arranged T of an ogd he addressed to all the utensils: Let's awake together a fireplace that it prompted to us as to be.

Rustle more loudly!

That here началось?

Zadrebezzhali of a plate and saucers, zatso heat candlesticks, zalyazgat knives, the big chandelier rang out with the suspension brackets, and even shelter ti began to knock legs on a floor.

They arranged such noise that to a goal bi flushed over a house roof.

And the fireplace woke up.

Probably, unbearable became, time woke?

he asked, yawning.

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It is pleasant

It is pleasant You never you will not find it that she eats with hands.

Why you do not put on as Harry?

At it all the time such short tidy hair, shirt it is filled in trousers.

It is pleasant to look at it.

Being the child, I would feel: Sarcasm You knew that you have a test tomorrow, and left the book at school?


Brilliant idea.

You decided to put on a plaid in peas?

Today you on you luchit many compliments.

It is homework which you will incur tomorrow in school?

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One well

One well Mno gy children freely communicate from early age and practically do not need training, it is possible, because parents give them such opportunity of the house.

But some from chayanno there is no this ability.

One well alone with itself.

Others at the same time can to suffer from loneliness that does them vulnerable on an otnosha niya to offenses from contemporaries.

They do not know how howl ti in group, they remain off side, and them ignore.

Some children are sociable, but can release remarks, to which contemporaries react painfully: And I can do it to a sda the lat is better, Do not do so, and do here so, Do not play that, ig paradise in it.

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Ask to show

Ask to show Sound it turns out careless, squelching.

A way of statement any.

Trying to improve a pronunciation, the child can press cheeks to molars that air did not go to the parties.

Sounds sh, g then are similar to the normally said.

It is reached, in that number at the expense of the lips which are excessively extended forward.

Ask to show the child where he has language.

A way of statement any.

The tip of language can be pressed behind the lower teeth, and backs it is curved gorbiky.

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