The girl

The girl It means that you do not challenge the decision of the person which follow.

In other words it is called fidelity.

The girl the more becomes capable to show fidelity and belief in the loved one, than more care she received in the childhood.

In turn the boy needs a high dose of trust, recognition, glory, glorification, encouragement that he kept motivation to work.

Receiving excessive care, excessive guardianship, the girl feels dependent, but it, according to Vedic knowledge, is the main Condition that the woman throughout all her life could remain further protected.

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I think, you should

I think, you should Allow the child to grieve.

Perhaps, it is shown at not go not as you would like, or even inappropriate for you an obr zy, but it is so necessary for it.

How to consult when it is difficult Children often go on one of two ways: leave deeply in themselves or become almost uncontrollable.

I think, you should be as much as possible estestven ny, showing the feelings, and it will help children to be same.

Their grief can be expressed to the porazny.

Children often begin and cease to feel a grief quicker, therefore fast transition from grief to game does not underestimate reality and seriousness at all nost of their grief.

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Clearly. Syuz. Betsey

Clearly. Syuz. Betsey I am very upset!

I rasschita shaft that Betsey remains with spending the night today.

Accusing Syuz.

We wanted to prepare together and to look at the crackling chocolate cookies a body vizor!




Betsey wanted to bring the sleeping bag, and I would put the mattress near it on a floor.


You thought out it the whole evening!

How to speak that children listened.


We thought up!

We today all day go cooked about it at school.

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The lifebuoy

The lifebuoy Holding a circle, the victim can move in the necessary the direction or quietly to expect the help.

The lifebuoy cannot be thrown far because of its weight.

If the sinking is at distance of m, it is better to apply the end of Alexandrov which represents a thin, strong cord, having on one of the ends a loop, for which rescuer uder zhivat all rope, and on other two brightly painted floats with not the big freight a bag with sand allowing to heave the line of a rope on sufficient distance.

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The person

The person Need of selfsufficiency for the family relations If the man did not realize himself to the level of full independence and still remained at a zavisikmost stage, it is dependent and in the family relations, and easily loses the status of the responsible person.

The person who itself is in dependence, cannot accept responsibility for on whom he depends.

If the man is in financial, physical or emotional dependence on the wife, unfortunately, his status of the patron very strongly decreases and it leads, eventually, to problems in a family.

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