Dzhilmartin, doctor

Dzhilmartin, doctor Dzhilmartin, doctor of science, Human behavior, February, go yes, volume , No.


From the review of literature it is possible to draw a conclusion that physical punishment does not suppress violence, and in pain Alternative to punishment shinstvo of cases indulges it.

Punishment to an odnovra Menno upsets the child and provides it model for imitation on the basis of which he studies to Nasi league and fight for existence, work of Committee on vopro itself violence of faculty of psychiatry Medical shko ly Stanford University, editors the doctor David N.

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It is rather! You still

It is rather! You still Being the child, I would feel: Orders I want that you were moved away the room right now.

Help me to drag packages.

It is rather!

You still did not take out a garbage can?

Make it now!


For that do you wait?


Being the child, I would feel: Notations and moralising You think, it was good to be snatched out at me book?

I see, you not quite understand, as far as it is important to have good manners.

You need to understand that if we want that people treated us politely, then we in turn have to politely to them to belong.

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If not I, who? Well, it was stubborn

If not I, who? Well, it was stubborn My task consisted in looking for and to support in it all best.

If not I, who?

Well, it was stubborn and resolute, but it could be sympathetic and compliant.

It also it was necessary to support in it.

I made the list of all skills which could to help the child to look differently at itself.

Then I bottoms Talas to remember any situation in the past, when David rested.

That I could tell it, if it would repeat again?

Here that I thought up.

We exempt children from roles A.

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That you on to this

That you on to this For example, they do not want to go to school, hundred novitsya quicktempered, treat the brother or the sister worse or simply sharply blow up.

Talking to boys about problems, to you probably it is necessary to be involved in more active discussion of options and unitary enterprise ravlyat this discussion not as with girls.

That you on to this occasion you feel?

for boys too direct question.

They have to get permission to expression of emo tion, for example: I heard from many other boys in that which situations that.

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Children How to avoid them?

It is possible to avoid these four behavior models only if the child receives the accurate the message from the parents, emotional or verbal that is not present anything bad that you make mistakes from time to time.

Children come to this world with natural ability to love the parents, but they are not able to love or forgive themselves.

There is a mechanism which helps the child to develop or progress.

It is the attachment mechanism to rodiktel, love to them.

But to themselves children have no own selfassessment and love, they come from parents therefore ability of children to fall in love with themselves depends on the relation of parents, in particular how they react to commission by children of mistakes.

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