I think, we are frightened

I think, we are frightened I think, we are frightened more and more by thought of that, to allow children it is simply natural to play.

Game and training To encourage game with other children In game with other children the child studies, as messages negotiations and to bargain, make a compromise, kontro to lirovat aggression and selfaffirmation of others, to constrain and limit own agressiv nost, and also where and when to be approved how to worry sya about other children how to start consulting with a zapugiv niy, loneliness how to be the leader as to join games how to look for societies and to be in itself, when messages and when to be conducted as to derive pleasure from humour.

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I simply

I simply Prolactinum especially influences a maternal brain, doing the woman warmer and balanced.

Women joke about this influence: I stopped thinking about fashion!

, I am not excited by a disorder in the house!

, I do not want to be the executive director in the firm.

I simply want to be near the child.

Possibly, coldness which was felt and shown by many mothers in the fiftieth and sixtieth years, was result of infrequent feeding by a breast as producers of dairy products and workers of health care began to impose to parents artificial baby food.

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Other, its own room

Other, its own room But there is such joke among psychologists, podderzhikvayushchy the principle of a positive roditelstvo that the Lord made children small in order that they could be carried away at the right time to other room.

Other, its own room or other room can do it bgt.

Usually till two years it does not bring due result, but in principle children to this age in a rough form of emotion of anger and do not show.

After fourteen teenagers seize this method.

The privacy method for them becomes dobrovolkny and takes the clap form doors that means: the feeling of feeling of anger reached a limit.

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Fig. We collect

Fig. We collect For bilberry, behind raspberry, Forefinger of the right hand to bend fingers on left, since the big.

For cowberry, behind a guelderrose.

We will find wild strawberry And the brother we will carry.

Index and average fingers of both hands go on a table.


We collect berries WINTER IN THE WINTER Snow fluffy laid down on a branch.

To represent two hands trees: bend hands in elbows and highly lift them.

Spread wide fingers, representing tree branches.

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Nominative To make inclinations to to the right left foot, touching by sock fingers.

Nominative a rack, hands before a breast.

To make attacks left pra howl a foot forward to turn a trunk to the left to the right, hands in the parties.

Nominative a rack, hands on a belt.

To make jumps on two feet, alternating three jumps on a place and the fourth to turn on °.

Vypol nyat on jumps in one party, and then in another.

To jump softly on tiptoe.


COMPLEX Nominative hands are bent in elbows.

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