I told it: Not now. It is very

I told it: Not now. It is very Time there is a problem, we should find the solution.

Think and at supper tell about it that you thought up.

Wang right there started speaking.

I told it: Not now.

It is very serious problem.

I want that both of us properly thought over it.

Let's talk at supper when the father is at home.

In the same evening I warned the husband, that he only listened.

Wang washed hands and sat down on the place.

As soon as his father entered the room, he very much vzvol novanno told it: How to speak that children listened.

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It is necessary

It is necessary Teeth have to be in the form of the correct bite.

At the broken bite of companies it has to be most covered.

the Child has to imitate laughter.

It is necessary to do it after an exhalation shoulders have to be lowered, it is necessary to laugh quietly and { N and z to and mvoiced.

You have to very emotionally in order that the child did not guess that you actually say a sound x to say syllables ha ha ha a sound a has to sound, as something between and and e.

_ Workshop on formation correct pronunciation whose.

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Not so long

Not so long You so inaccurately eat.

You will never teach sya is normally.

I constantly thought of it as about my main thing the opponent and never left him alone.

In to I will tell a versheniye that this week at me consisting las conversation with his teacher and she complained to me on that it very infantile.

Not so long ago I would agree with it, but this time her words shook me to the bottom of the heart.

I thought that SI the tuation already will hardly worsen, and solved poprobo to vat some methods mastered on our to seven plank beds.

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Look for, for what

Look for, for what You can resort to a descriptive praise in any SI tuation when the child made chtolibo noteworthy, for example drew the picture, well behaved at a table, on there were boots, cleaned toothpaste on a regiment.

Look for, for what to praise, after all any step in the correct direction it is worthy and demands a praise.

This method is especially effective, if: the child cannot break off a certain template to a pova deniye; it is not selfassured; you realized that were not right and that your child to a floor more negative responses that neither to you, nor it not hope pleasantly; your child made earlier he did not manage that; it changed the behavior to the best.

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PRACTICAL Most raspro stranenny it is considered a sixshock rhythm, i.


on each full cycle the movements of a hand working and preparatory it is necessary on three movements each foot updown.

PRACTICAL TRAINING Studying of movements of feet The movements of feet provide the correct high position of the swimmer in water, help to counterbalance it that in turn allows svo bodno to carry out various movements by hands in water and over water.

To study sports ways of swimming we will begin with a crawl on a back and a breast from studying of movements of feet on the land.

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