That you made

That you made Well at last you played this musical proiz maintaining as is necessary!

You so look good today.

That you made with itself?

Did not think that you will complete this course, but you about went!

Always it is possible to formulate so a praise, that to mark out today's strength of the child: Really it is pleasant to me as you are a priderzhiva you are eaten a steady uniform rhythm in it muses kalny work.

It is pleasant to look at you.

I know that you worked much to pass this course.

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Often women

Often women It needs to be done, even without waiting for support of the second party, to any of spouses who considers very important full emotional and spiritual development of the children.

Often women feel powerless because do not see any opportunity to improve the relations with that person who threw it with children or left a family.

Also often men do not feel opportunity to improve the relations because the woman can blokikrovat any manifestations of benevolence in relation to it.

But in the Veda one very deep psychological principle reveals: if at least one party tries to be adjusted kindly on the loved one even if their destinies already dispersed, it causes benevolence response in other person.

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I provide

I provide?

Some parents complained that they in every possible way tried to understand the children and it only caused hostile reaction.

Conclusion As the foster mother, I well understand how it is important not to criticize the children.

I provide discipline them to the father.

However, when he was away also the teacher at sent me a note that my adopted son did not hand over in time the paper, I knew that I need to solve somehow this in pros.

I was very quiet.

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Eventually, such

Eventually, such When the child becomes more free and does not need support of parents in that degree, as before, the teenager the girl or the guy, can simply go to the friends, contemporaries, ddya to gain at them recognition and acceptance.

Eventually, such girl, such guy, arrange some kind of revolt, and show that actually approval of parents for them is not important.

Years of the compelled need to hide the experiences and to keep themselves from some rushes to be accepted, to get approval, or, at least, not to receive disapproval are always the cornerstone of the reasons of such revolt.

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