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To make waves

To put a foot and to return to nominative.Nominative the main rack.To make waves the right left foot back with simultaneous assignment of hands up back.To return to nominative.Nominative the main rack, feet together, a jump rope behind.To make jumps on two feet, rotating a jump rope forward.Then the same, rotating the ska Kalka back.To pass to walking.COMPLEX Walking.Easy jogging on tiptoe.Walking usual with free, rhythmical, wide movements of hands.

But than

PRD annually strikes women and their children in Britain therefore our debt to study and understand it get sick vaniye and its consequences.The association of a postnatal depression gives clear advice: Not forget that this illness always terminates full vyzdo rovleniye.But than more long she remains unattended, that roofing felt she it can proceed and from that will suffer more strongly and mother, and child.Three quarters of the suffering PRD do not address for me ditsinsky help.Perhaps, it is partly caused obshchestven ny pressure which demands from mothers to see everything in Roseau vy light, and partly general lack of information on this illness and its symptoms.

Naturally, wise

Mentally to develop in the optimum mode, three specific things from reasonably arriving adults are required for the child: love calm; love hardness; love encouragement.Naturally, wise parents always knew about it.New that showed us a nuclear magnetic resonance it that all these components actually promote development of different sites of a brain like watering of plants, they in due time force to blossom and develop the areas connected with nervous system.Help my world!So, how the child becomes emotionally competent, quiet, happy and strong?


The main sound pronunciation causes of infringement: violation of mobility of speech bodies; violation of speech hearing; short bridle of language.These adverse features are independent defects and forcibly form at the child violation zvuko pronunciations.violation of the general mobility of the child; violation of a speech exhalation; violation of a voice.These features in itself are not painful proyavle niya but only contribute the child to emergence and zakrep laziness of pronunciation shortcomings at it.

Than more

It is possible popro to sit the teacher to help to contact other parents in yours area.Equal road Adriyenna Katts, author of the book How to Teach the Child to Read This one of the most important events in the child's life.Than more positive it the first impression about school, than more surely your child that he will consult, that will be simpler to him in all next school days.Than more joyful you will make this transition, that less problems will arise in a distance neyshy.Trifles are important: what footwear you will pick up on laces or on flypapers, what trousers whether it is convenient to remove them in tualete That the child grew the happy etc.

In the same

For improvement sound pronunciations a tip of language it is necessary to lean closer to to the top cutters at their basis, than usually.In the same way it is necessary to work at a high nb.If the child has no top molars and they long not vyra will melt, it is possible to put a temporary pronunciation of a sound sh.At it the tip of language will touch a back surface of al viols the sound can sometimes turn out and when a language tip leans against a top of alveoluses.A sound sh it will be excessive zhes tky.

There is such

Many other parts of a brain with such exotic names as orbitofrontalny bark, gippokamp sea horse and a zone crinkle furrow develop under the influence of the positive the emotions born from positive experience.There is such concept as a happy brain which is programmed on perception of all good.And, naturally, there is also an opposite concept a sad brain.Schasti the left brain more dense, is perceived by it much more impulses.The more contacts, the cogitative force and the more abilities to happy life is stronger.

It stops

The young male tutor is occupied by other children.It seems, it simply does not have business to it.But there is something: the boy, one more single, moves along a fence, conducting a stick on metal rods.It stops when approaches the girl, an obstacle in a way.They look at each other.I do not know, whether they because I am from them rather far talk.I would like that they communicated a little.But, unfortunately, it was not.The boy solves a problem as if the girl here and is not present: carries out a stick on her waist and moves further.

If you are interested

Perhaps, it will want to you to share the with the author impress niya concerning this book.The author it will be extraordinary to a priznatela!to you for similar responses.If you are interested in any speech problem, which not races it smatrivatsya in this book, or you want to receive detailed India vidualny recommendations about an occasion of occupations with the child, you can to address to the author for written consultation.At children of the most different age the various are often observed speech violations.

Put on a table

or Where the big?.It is necessary to find out, whether the child understands value of verbs, about znachayushchy simple actions or the provision of a subject in prostran stvo.Put on a table twothree pictures representing on the example, the person who goes, runs, sits, lies, or, on the example, a bird who sits, flies.Various actions, represented on pictures of one series, have to be carried out same character boy, birdie etc..Spra to shivayta at the child: Where the boy goes sits, lies?

Many parents

The phrase from one word.Many parents spoke to us as it is strong they tse nit this skill.They considered that it saves time, breath also relieves them of boring explanations.Teenagers with whom we worked, said that they too prefer one word Door, Dog or Ware also deem it accepted release from usual lecture.As we see, the value of such statement for it klyuchatsya in that fact that instead of the despotic the order we give to the child the chance to show the own initiative and comprehension.

And the depression

Later, having made toilet, it pacified, quiet, executed love and a nezhnoksta, came back again to the family, the spouse.And the depression as a problem of people, was not known for hundreds of thousands of years we will not find a mention of a depression in ancient sources.We have no this culture, from the point of view of emotions we are rather netsikvilizovanny people because we have a false kontsepktion of that emotions have to be suppressed.And we suppress them until they are not shown, anywhere.

It is one factor. The second

Be one step

In fact you help the child to define word meanings.EU whether such speech change happens, if the adult govo rit with the child the same as with other adults or with children is more senior, there can be great difficulties.In such to a sl tea it is very difficult to children to understand that we speak.Be one step away ahead.In the majority of areas of development ro ditel can effectively help children, falling to level their abilities.But with the speech all differently.

That the child

That the child grew the happy It is necessary for the child that he was perceived as unikal the ny personality, but not as give rise to reflection of desires and aspirations tel.The relations with the child, perhaps, are edinstven ache opportunity unconditionally to love, but whether you know on the business whom love?Let's say you looked forward, that your child, as well as you, will be fond of sport, and it, on the contrary took a dislike to it.You can expect from it stunning an ak demichesky progress, and it is simply not inclined to it.

+ Find vowels

+ Esteem.+ Read and also print.SOUND AND LETTER P + Lead round on a contour blue a karand shy.Shade a letter on a sample.+ Print out.Count , how many sounds: an, unitary enterprise, on, py, map, mop.Read.Read and print also.Miss words.To find P: pies, drugstore, Pasha, field, bubbles.+ Find vowels in a sound row, which were always painted over kras in the ny color.Lead round them.+ Say in front of the mirror M, the Item.

They arranged

T of an ogd he addressed to all the utensils: Let's awake together a fireplace that it prompted to us as to be.Rustle more loudly!That here началось?Zadrebezzhali of a plate and saucers, zatso heat candlesticks, zalyazgat knives, the big chandelier rang out with the suspension brackets, and even shelter ti began to knock legs on a floor.They arranged such noise that to a goal bi flushed over a house roof.And the fireplace woke up.Probably, unbearable became, time woke?he asked, yawning.

It is pleasant

You never you will not find it that she eats with hands.Why you do not put on as Harry?At it all the time such short tidy hair, shirt it is filled in trousers.It is pleasant to look at it.Being the child, I would feel: Sarcasm You knew that you have a test tomorrow, and left the book at school?Cleverly!Brilliant idea.You decided to put on a plaid in peas?Today you on you luchit many compliments.It is homework which you will incur tomorrow in school?

One well

Mno gy children freely communicate from early age and practically do not need training, it is possible, because parents give them such opportunity of the house.But some from chayanno there is no this ability.One well alone with itself.Others at the same time can to suffer from loneliness that does them vulnerable on an otnosha niya to offenses from contemporaries.They do not know how howl ti in group, they remain off side, and them ignore.Some children are sociable, but can release remarks, to which contemporaries react painfully: And I can do it to a sda the lat is better, Do not do so, and do here so, Do not play that, ig paradise in it.

Ask to show

Sound it turns out careless, squelching.A way of statement any.Trying to improve a pronunciation, the child can press cheeks to molars that air did not go to the parties.Sounds sh, g then are similar to the normally said.It is reached, in that number at the expense of the lips which are excessively extended forward.Ask to show the child where he has language.A way of statement any.The tip of language can be pressed behind the lower teeth, and backs it is curved gorbiky.

The girl

It means that you do not challenge the decision of the person which follow.In other words it is called fidelity.The girl the more becomes capable to show fidelity and belief in the loved one, than more care she received in the childhood.In turn the boy needs a high dose of trust, recognition, glory, glorification, encouragement that he kept motivation to work.Receiving excessive care, excessive guardianship, the girl feels dependent, but it, according to Vedic knowledge, is the main Condition that the woman throughout all her life could remain further protected.

I think, you should

Allow the child to grieve.Perhaps, it is shown at not go not as you would like, or even inappropriate for you an obr zy, but it is so necessary for it.How to consult when it is difficult Children often go on one of two ways: leave deeply in themselves or become almost uncontrollable.I think, you should be as much as possible estestven ny, showing the feelings, and it will help children to be same.Their grief can be expressed to the porazny.Children often begin and cease to feel a grief quicker, therefore fast transition from grief to game does not underestimate reality and seriousness at all nost of their grief.

Clearly. Syuz. Betsey

The lifebuoy

Holding a circle, the victim can move in the necessary the direction or quietly to expect the help.The lifebuoy cannot be thrown far because of its weight.If the sinking is at distance of m, it is better to apply the end of Alexandrov which represents a thin, strong cord, having on one of the ends a loop, for which rescuer uder zhivat all rope, and on other two brightly painted floats with not the big freight a bag with sand allowing to heave the line of a rope on sufficient distance.

The person

Need of selfsufficiency for the family relations If the man did not realize himself to the level of full independence and still remained at a zavisikmost stage, it is dependent and in the family relations, and easily loses the status of the responsible person.The person who itself is in dependence, cannot accept responsibility for on whom he depends.If the man is in financial, physical or emotional dependence on the wife, unfortunately, his status of the patron very strongly decreases and it leads, eventually, to problems in a family.

Dzhilmartin, doctor

Dzhilmartin, doctor of science, Human behavior, February, go yes, volume , No..From the review of literature it is possible to draw a conclusion that physical punishment does not suppress violence, and in pain Alternative to punishment shinstvo of cases indulges it.Punishment to an odnovra Menno upsets the child and provides it model for imitation on the basis of which he studies to Nasi league and fight for existence, work of Committee on vopro itself violence of faculty of psychiatry Medical shko ly Stanford University, editors the doctor David N.

It is rather! You still

Being the child, I would feel: Orders I want that you were moved away the room right now.Help me to drag packages.It is rather!You still did not take out a garbage can?Make it now!.For that do you wait?Give!Being the child, I would feel: Notations and moralising You think, it was good to be snatched out at me book?I see, you not quite understand, as far as it is important to have good manners.You need to understand that if we want that people treated us politely, then we in turn have to politely to them to belong.

If not I, who? Well, it was stubborn

My task consisted in looking for and to support in it all best.If not I, who?Well, it was stubborn and resolute, but it could be sympathetic and compliant.It also it was necessary to support in it.I made the list of all skills which could to help the child to look differently at itself.Then I bottoms Talas to remember any situation in the past, when David rested.That I could tell it, if it would repeat again?Here that I thought up.We exempt children from roles A.

That you on to this

For example, they do not want to go to school, hundred novitsya quicktempered, treat the brother or the sister worse or simply sharply blow up.Talking to boys about problems, to you probably it is necessary to be involved in more active discussion of options and unitary enterprise ravlyat this discussion not as with girls.That you on to this occasion you feel?for boys too direct question.They have to get permission to expression of emo tion, for example: I heard from many other boys in that which situations that.


How to avoid them?It is possible to avoid these four behavior models only if the child receives the accurate the message from the parents, emotional or verbal that is not present anything bad that you make mistakes from time to time.Children come to this world with natural ability to love the parents, but they are not able to love or forgive themselves.There is a mechanism which helps the child to develop or progress.It is the attachment mechanism to rodiktel, love to them.But to themselves children have no own selfassessment and love, they come from parents therefore ability of children to fall in love with themselves depends on the relation of parents, in particular how they react to commission by children of mistakes.

I think, we are frightened

I think, we are frightened more and more by thought of that, to allow children it is simply natural to play.Game and training To encourage game with other children In game with other children the child studies, as messages negotiations and to bargain, make a compromise, kontro to lirovat aggression and selfaffirmation of others, to constrain and limit own agressiv nost, and also where and when to be approved how to worry sya about other children how to start consulting with a zapugiv niy, loneliness how to be the leader as to join games how to look for societies and to be in itself, when messages and when to be conducted as to derive pleasure from humour.

I simply

Prolactinum especially influences a maternal brain, doing the woman warmer and balanced.Women joke about this influence: I stopped thinking about fashion!, I am not excited by a disorder in the house!, I do not want to be the executive director in the firm.I simply want to be near the child.Possibly, coldness which was felt and shown by many mothers in the fiftieth and sixtieth years, was result of infrequent feeding by a breast as producers of dairy products and workers of health care began to impose to parents artificial baby food.

Other, its own room

But there is such joke among psychologists, podderzhikvayushchy the principle of a positive roditelstvo that the Lord made children small in order that they could be carried away at the right time to other room.Other, its own room or other room can do it bgt.Usually till two years it does not bring due result, but in principle children to this age in a rough form of emotion of anger and do not show.After fourteen teenagers seize this method.The privacy method for them becomes dobrovolkny and takes the clap form doors that means: the feeling of feeling of anger reached a limit.

Fig. We collect


To make inclinations to to the right left foot, touching by sock fingers.Nominative a rack, hands before a breast.To make attacks left pra howl a foot forward to turn a trunk to the left to the right, hands in the parties.Nominative a rack, hands on a belt.To make jumps on two feet, alternating three jumps on a place and the fourth to turn on °.Vypol nyat on jumps in one party, and then in another.To jump softly on tiptoe.Walking.COMPLEX Nominative hands are bent in elbows.

I told it: Not now. It is very

It is necessary

Teeth have to be in the form of the correct bite.At the broken bite of companies it has to be most covered.the Child has to imitate laughter.It is necessary to do it after an exhalation shoulders have to be lowered, it is necessary to laugh quietly and { N and z to and mvoiced.You have to very emotionally in order that the child did not guess that you actually say a sound x to say syllables ha ha ha a sound a has to sound, as something between and and e._ Workshop on formation correct pronunciation whose.

Not so long

You so inaccurately eat.You will never teach sya is normally.I constantly thought of it as about my main thing the opponent and never left him alone.In to I will tell a versheniye that this week at me consisting las conversation with his teacher and she complained to me on that it very infantile.Not so long ago I would agree with it, but this time her words shook me to the bottom of the heart.I thought that SI the tuation already will hardly worsen, and solved poprobo to vat some methods mastered on our to seven plank beds.

Look for, for what

You can resort to a descriptive praise in any SI tuation when the child made chtolibo noteworthy, for example drew the picture, well behaved at a table, on there were boots, cleaned toothpaste on a regiment.Look for, for what to praise, after all any step in the correct direction it is worthy and demands a praise.This method is especially effective, if: the child cannot break off a certain template to a pova deniye; it is not selfassured; you realized that were not right and that your child to a floor more negative responses that neither to you, nor it not hope pleasantly; your child made earlier he did not manage that; it changed the behavior to the best.


Most raspro stranenny it is considered a sixshock rhythm, i.e.on each full cycle the movements of a hand working and preparatory it is necessary on three movements each foot updown.PRACTICAL TRAINING Studying of movements of feet The movements of feet provide the correct high position of the swimmer in water, help to counterbalance it that in turn allows svo bodno to carry out various movements by hands in water and over water.To study sports ways of swimming we will begin with a crawl on a back and a breast from studying of movements of feet on the land.

That you made

Well at last you played this musical proiz maintaining as is necessary!You so look good today.That you made with itself?Did not think that you will complete this course, but you about went!Always it is possible to formulate so a praise, that to mark out today's strength of the child: Really it is pleasant to me as you are a priderzhiva you are eaten a steady uniform rhythm in it muses kalny work.It is pleasant to look at you.I know that you worked much to pass this course.

Often women

It needs to be done, even without waiting for support of the second party, to any of spouses who considers very important full emotional and spiritual development of the children.Often women feel powerless because do not see any opportunity to improve the relations with that person who threw it with children or left a family.Also often men do not feel opportunity to improve the relations because the woman can blokikrovat any manifestations of benevolence in relation to it.But in the Veda one very deep psychological principle reveals: if at least one party tries to be adjusted kindly on the loved one even if their destinies already dispersed, it causes benevolence response in other person.

I provide

?Some parents complained that they in every possible way tried to understand the children and it only caused hostile reaction.Conclusion As the foster mother, I well understand how it is important not to criticize the children.I provide discipline them to the father.However, when he was away also the teacher at sent me a note that my adopted son did not hand over in time the paper, I knew that I need to solve somehow this in pros.I was very quiet.

Eventually, such

When the child becomes more free and does not need support of parents in that degree, as before, the teenager the girl or the guy, can simply go to the friends, contemporaries, ddya to gain at them recognition and acceptance.Eventually, such girl, such guy, arrange some kind of revolt, and show that actually approval of parents for them is not important.Years of the compelled need to hide the experiences and to keep themselves from some rushes to be accepted, to get approval, or, at least, not to receive disapproval are always the cornerstone of the reasons of such revolt.


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